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GO PILLS are the alertness and performance superchargers designed for special operators, combat aviators... and you.

Proven Performance

America's premier tactical law enforcement unit conducted a multi-week performance trial of GO PILLS. 





of the operators reported that GO PILLS boosted overall Mental Performance.

reported that GO PILLS had a positive effect on Focus and Attention.

reported that GO PILLS had a positive effect on Decision-making and Problem-solving.

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"Staying mentally sharp is essential in my line of work.  GO PILLS help me keep the edge."

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Rob D'Amico
Former FBI Hostage Rescue Team operator




Optimized neurotransmitter support powered by

    Bacopa Monnieri
Panax Ginseng
     Alpha GPC


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One serving of GO PILLS™ delivers
  1425mg of these eight powerful and
carefully curated nootropics.

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"Quantifiable improvements in cognitive and physical performance."

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The efficacy of each NeuroCharger™
is supported by clinical data.


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A non-prescription "smart drug" that rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier and supports the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, Alpha-GPC has been shown to be effective in "boosting memory and enhancing cognitive function."  It's also used by athletes to amplify power output and "increase endurance performance."

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Creatine is the popular amino acid used for muscle growth.  It's also a powerful cognitive booster, because it works to generate the equivalent of fuel for your brain, in a way that's been shown to have "a significant positive effect on both working memory and intelligence."  GO PILLS™ use a specific, trademarked dose of the "most effective" and most bioavailable form, CrM.

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This super amino acid has been clinically shown to enhance alpha brain wave activity, improving concentration and test-taking ability.  It boosts creativity, helps generate "a state of wakeful relaxation," and enhances "higher learning via the ability to ignore distracting information during complex tasks.

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Bacopa Monnieri

Packed with powerful compounds known as bacosides, the Bacopa Monnieri plant has been used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine to boost cognitive function and reduce stress.  And modern double-blind, placebo-controlled trials confirm that "Bacopa significantly improved speed of visual information processing, learning rate, memory consolidation, and decreased anxiety.

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The world's favorite natural psychoactive (and one of its safest), caffeine lessens reaction time and measurably boosts alertness.  We include the optimized amount, per military research, designed to work synergistically with Theanine.



A great product starts with key ingredients. It's also important to optimize the combination of those ingredients. Certain nootropics can enhance the efficacy of each other. For example: when taken together, Theanine and Caffeine "seem to have a synergistic action in decreasing mind wandering," while also boosting reaction time, memory, and focus. Theanine also reduces the likelihood of jitters from caffeine.

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Panax Ginseng 5%

The U.S. military's Consortium for Health and Military Performance confirms that “some of the latest research has shown improvements in brain health, specifically as related to performance on attention and memory-related tasks up to 6 hours after a single use of 200-400 mg of Panax ginseng.”  Clinicians recommend ginseng with at least 4% active ginsenosides.  GO-PILLS™ have 5%.

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This is our proprietary blend of Leucine + Tyrosine.  The BCAA Leucine is perhaps the most important regulator and precursor of glutamate, a key neurotransmitter that's "essential for proper brain function," especially "fast signaling and information processing."  Tyrosine is the precursor to the all-important neurotransmitter dopamine, which regulates memory, motivation, and learning.  The Australian Department of Defence’s Science & Technology Division reports that "Tyrosine or caffeine could be used... in a military context to enhance cognitive performance,” boosting both “attention” and “vigilance.” 

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GO PILLS founder featured in Entrepreneur Magazine



Military Nootropics®

is the brainchild of a Harvard grad who (with his brother) was the Army’s R&D partner in performance nutrition.  While working with the Army labs, it was their mission to:

A) focus on optimizing human performance,

B) improve the quality and safety of military food items, and
C) take cool photos in black suits. 


The products he and his brother designed (like Soldier Fuel®) are used by some of the world’s top military units.  (They're also used by The Gray Man).


Now, in this new venture, he and his partners are spearheading the initiative to formulate healthier supplements that drive augmented cognition and reduce reliance on prescription meds. 


And right out of the gate, they're ensuring that civilians have access to it, too.